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Старый 06.02.2013, 20:56   #1
Аватар для MaStErElite
MaStErElite излучает ауруMaStErElite излучает ауруMaStErElite излучает ауруMaStErElite излучает ауруMaStErElite излучает ауруMaStErElite излучает ауру
Регистрация: 22.02.2010
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По умолчанию L2JLisvus

Разработка: L2JLisvus
Хроники: C4 (Scions of Destiny)
Платформа: Java
Размер: 14 mb

Fix List:
Seven signs now affect tax rate of castles.
Olympiad It's not as stable as i want it yet.
For previous commit.
Some minor changes and continuation of Olympiad update.
Missing monuments and olympiad managers.
Reverting a small part.
Shots update & Olympiad fixes. Olympiad needs special treatment, so there might be more changes.
These monuments had no text.
Olympiad Protection.
Fix for vengeance skill.
max Z changed for olympiad stadiums.
Some error fixes were made.Also, Olympiad move to arena button was implemented.
More changes.
Final Servitor fix.
Olympiad: Exploit and bug fixes.
For previous commit.
Fixes and changes.
Target_Multiface is replaced by Target_Front_Area.
Teleport coords.
More fixes.
Why should i block attacks of outsiders to olympiad participants using trash coding when i can make them invisible?
For previous commit.
1)Fix for previous commit.
2)Prevent players from attacking their own pets.
Community board off-line by default.
Removed useless checks and added a cubic check for Olympiad.
Reverting.Boolean isAutoAttackable checks for all of these.
Added new perfect zone coords for 5 Olympiad Stadiums.
Random animation update and Zone fixes.
11/22 of Olympiad Stadiums are done.
From now on, memory is 1024 MB.
html fixes.
C4:If items are dropped by a chaotic character, clan and party members have a 15-second priority to pick them up.
Advanced Headquarters implementation.
Charm of Luck core support.
For previous commit.
DP support for Charm of Luck.
Zone Table improvements.
For previous commit.
Olympiad fixes.
Last olympiad bug fixes (i hope so), and Mount system rework. This fixes all mount/dismount exploits.
Quest fixes.
Fixing mount bug.
Fix for NPCs inside town.
This should prevent players from entering olympiad stadium with scheme buffs.
Reverting. This is not the right way.
Angelic Vortex coords.
Fixes for Baium.
This time its fixed for sure.
These lines shouldn't be there.
Raid curse fix. Also, debuffs are last in buff slots, just like toggle skills.
RequestFriendDel fix.
Wyvern inside siege zone and packet sizes.
Fix for flying in Siege Zone.
Fix for heroes not being formed.
Baium should use stone's coords to spawn, not player's.
Heroes can now obtain hero weapons.
useless message.
I should have noticed much earlier.
CastleIndex is already set in getCastle() of class Town, so there is no point in using the same method.
Checks for Castle Circlets.
Let's see.
Core NPC Buffer.Buffs-Pet Buffs-Buff Sets-Heal CP/HP/MP-Buff Removal.
For previous commit.
DP side.
Aggro Fix.
npc_buffer table fix.
Missing message for CP damage.
Fix for compile error
Adding 2 missing tables in full_install. They weren' t causing any errors anyway.
Just in case that default punishment is Jail and delay is short.
CP potion wasn't supposed to be working like this.
Arena CP Recovery is more retail-like now.
Coord fixes.
More DP changes.
Arena manager/director spawns added. Also, some spawn coords were fixed (e.g. There was a glass jaguar inside monster track arena).
Skill fixes and some new SAs.
For previous commit.
Fixes for GMView packets.
GMView packets(for sure), and a minor improvement.
Cloaks were using wrong body slot.
Item names.
Skill casting fixes.
Alright, debuffs will always be last now.
No need to check all those.
Limits for Speed/Critical/Magic critical rate. Also, fixed speed penalty for mounted players.
The same goes for pets.
That' s just for L2Character.
It' s more fair.

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Старый 17.09.2020, 02:00   #2
Аватар для luchara123
luchara123 никому не известный тип
Регистрация: 17.09.2020
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По умолчанию Re: L2JLisvus

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