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По умолчанию [Interlude]Lineage 2 от команды aCis Project | rev.202

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Разработчик: aCis Project
Хроники: Interlude
Версия: 202 Ревизия
Размер: 15 mb
Залито на: turbobit
Фикс Лист
Formulas fix, quests, misc

Formulas fix (skill success)
- those formulas are now based on L2JFree, and then tweaked (pure custom following my own tastes). The "pure custom" can afraid you, but both L2JFree and L2J are custom, from IL to hi5. And both don't fit with my own knowledge of L2 (L2JFree doesn't impact enough, L2J impacts *far* too much as some of you correctly warned me - fighterboss ).
- difference of levels got a real impact (negative is even bigger than positive) from now. Enchant and matkModifier doesn't break the harmony of the formula. I can't assure you won't have 10% luck with +500 weapon ofc...
- skill success is now 1% to 99% max.
- magic success is now heavily affected by level of skill or level of player. You can't do 100% damage using Wind Strike at high level for exemple.
- the whole calculation has been seriously reduced for the best performance (as MEN/STR squares precomputed).
- calcSkillVulnerability is now a %, not a fockin addition anymore. Previously 50% base - 40%. Now, 50% base * 0,6. Simple.


- use of a new "system" to make quests. Many quests are now faster (avoid to read deeper in quest) and consumes less RAM (avoids int[] uses)
- some corrections have been made (3-4 little bugs, some typos).
- addition of 6 quests, ty fernandopm for the good work (and me aswell to correct muhaha :P).

- fix an eventual rare NPE (ty SweeTs for report).
- addition of an AI for speaking NPCs (hit/speak and death/speak types). More NPCs will come with time, and surely that new original AI will be modified (NpcString ?).
- fix of quest monsters wrong spawns for noblesse quest (I think ? lol), and fix SoDA spawns on deepest central room (with Merkenis, one of the new speaking NPCs).
- deletion of minChance, maxChance && pvpPower from L2Skill (unused stuff and/or hardcoded from now).
- fix an issue on admin panel (ty Sikken for little fix)
Three new quests, ty Fernandopm.
Doormen, misc

- castle doormen are now retail-like (possibility to teleport in and out, drop of "open/close all doors" function).
- addition of 56 teleports location.
- unhardcode all CHDoormen HTMs.
- addition of many missing Doormen (Siegable CHs ones, 2 at Frontier Border) and fix some templates (Doormen of Hell were bugged as hell).
- drop of all useless HTMs.

- GmListTable is moved on datatable section.
- 2 spawns of Squashs have been dropped (in 4s...) Ty Vonak.
- TaskPriority is dropped (useless crap).

This commit doesn't fix yet CH doors issue.
Auction, spawnlist, misc

The commit was long to come because my first idea was to implement siegable CHs. Unfortunately, only 4/6 are actually made on L2J, and BigBoss still work on it. So I prefer to wait and use my time in other things (pointless to do the same he is doing, plus he does it well).

Auction system
- The structure is corrected, and improved. HTMs are corrected following L2OFF (minus the size problem).
- Initial auctions list is off-like. You can directly see actual number of actual bids aswell (number in []).
- All bypasses which needed a security check (about clan and/or with warehouse check) are secured.
- The maximum of retail messages have been used (which avoids string uses).
- One unused table dissapears, and auction.sql got 3 columns dropped.
- The lease is correctly removed when you put an auction in sell. As retail, you receive back your lease only if the CH is sold.

- Added 12~ spawns (Fortress of the Dead, mainly).
- Dropped all mobs initially spawned on Siegable Clan Halls (around 100+). They must be spawned via their own SQLs.

- Baium's Archangels aren't invul anymore. After all, they each got 50% Baium's HPs and a heal skill. Who would be stupid to kill 3,5 Baium.
- Autosoulshot behavior is OFF-like.
- CP/HP/MP are correctly filled at character creation (0/max/max).
- L2DoorInstance onAction behavior is OFF-like.
- mini tweak in L2AttackableAI, I hope it won't fock something.
- CharSelected serverpacket cleanup (2 infos added, and 8 empty/useless writeD are dropped).
- Addition of formatDate method to format the date as you want on a String (avoid String.valueOf and easier readability).

PS : I'm aware there are stills issues on auction (like the 7 days period where you can't put back an auction, missing comment use).Let's say from 80%, I moved to 90%.

[Ссылки могут видеть только зарегистрированные пользователи. ]
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