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RuneScape - Let's allocution about the gameplay settings menus


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По умолчанию RuneScape - Let's allocution about the gameplay settings menus

The Gameplay settings airheaded in their accepted accompaniment are acutely difficult to navigate. I'll be abrupt in advertisement some apparent flaws:

- Complete text-heavy with about no icons or colors to accomplish altered settings angle out.

- Both a "general" and a "miscellaneous" card - how are you declared to apperceive area a ambience will be? (pop quiz: is "legacy modes" beneath accepted or miscellaneous? how about "buff bar"?)

- Abounding airheaded alone accommodate one item.

- Vague categories (examples: "Mining" and "Gathering Skills" are at the aforementioned abyss akin in the card timberline beneath "Skills"; "Chat customization" includes "Friend trail", which is aswell the alone account in "Friends List"; "disable camera shake" appears in "game interaction" but not in "cutscenes")

- Frequently absent explanations of what settings do (example: afterwards a continued aperture from the bold recently, I could not amount out what the "Combat Drops" and "Skilling Drops" checklists beneath "Loot System" even did)

- Explanations are not visually audible from the ambience they explain.

Proposed Fixes

- Add a seek box to the settings menu, so if you apperceive what ambience you wish you can acquisition it aural 0.6 secondsTM.

- Add some graphics, spatial separation, and/or assorted colors to accomplish altered settings angle out (e.g. accomplishment icons for range, melee, magic, mining, and apache settings).

- Reorganize airheaded in a constant way - either abbreviate them significantly, aggrandize them significantly, or acquiesce added cross-referencing.

As a 10 year adept player, I both consistently collaborate with the settings card and can never acquisition annihilation I'm searching for. Fix by winter 2017 pls.

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