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Старый 04.11.2011, 16:17   #1
Аватар для Wa6ka
Wa6ka на правильном путиWa6ka на правильном пути
Регистрация: 25.07.2011
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Post [Interlude] Скачать сборку сервера Lineage 2 Interlude от команды aCis Project | rev.

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Описание: Сборка сервера Lineage 2 Interlude от команды aCis Project | rev.205
Разработчик: aCis Project
Платформа: Java
Хроники: Interlude
Версия: rev.205
Размер: 15,36 Мб
Залито на: turbobit

Feedable/Tamed Beasts AI rework, 3 quests, misc.

Feedable/Tamed Beasts (changes compared to L2J).
- drop of the invisible timer (20min). The only timer is the check of 1min to consume food.
- Tamed beasts don't attack you when you kill others pets (faction clan lol), nor when you hit them (they still buff themselves, dunno why).
- Tamed beasts disappear if they go out the Wild Beast Reserve (13k radius compared to central tower).
- Tamed beasts don't buff you if you already got the buff it wanted to buff with. Understand you won't be buffed 4 times with Guidance.
- Mana recharge is seperated of the heal condition. There's now a HP and MP condition for each case.
- The AI of Tamed Beast is as following : 25% heal, 25% mana recharge, 25% debuff, 25% nothing. It replaces all others random chances. The fact it goes on the "heal" option doesn't mean it will heal you. The pet must have the skill in his skill list. You must be low HP/MP aswell (50%).

- addition of Q038, Q039, and Q263. Ty Fernandopm.

- addition of "//reload acar", acar stands for "admin command access right" (ty DjSterios).
- "quest" option is only for single quest. Previous "//reload quest" has been changed for "//reload scripts".
- "server_menu.htm" got a combobox listing all reload options from now. As "quest" need a parameter, I couldn't include on it.
- You can now restart during a fight as a GM (ty DjSterios).
- Old changes on MyTargetSelected have been reverted.
Quests, misc

- addition of Q294, Q403, Q406 && Q508 (ty fernandopm and Alexa).
- little corrections on Q401 && Q509.

- No more ghost messages between 2 blows (ty RaphaelFersan).
- Tamed Beasts correctly debuff (inverted check, I thought it was a npcskills issue but not).
Quests, regex pattern, misc

Quests - addition of 3 quests.
- Q020, Q046 && Q661. Ty fernadopm and M4N0LIS.
- numerous typos on Q045, and light typos everywhere (enjoy "replace" tool).

Regex - I feel greeks will howl like werewolf at midnight.
- Name pattern is now hardcoded (generic regex is replaced by hardcoded pattern). It means related configs have been dropped.
- those useful methods (isValidName / isValidPlayerName) have been cleaned up then put on Util, as it can be used on many places.
- settitle and setname have been secured using isValidPlayerName method. It means you can't give anymore a stupid name with strange characters. You can thank SweeTs. PS : you still can attribute yourself a stupid name editing database directly. Well if you decide to pull the trigger, I can do even better (like kicking all noobs with not regular names at Enterworld).

- fix CH doors issue (coming with XMLization of doors). I don't get why it works like that and not before, honestly.
- addition of an actionFailed packet when you massclick on doors, to avoid to be stucked.
- PetNameTable has been dropped (as 50% of that file has been put on Util with regex change, only one method was left... I decided to move it).
- the correct message is shown when you create a character with invalid name (before, only "16 characters" message was shown).

[Ссылки могут видеть только зарегистрированные пользователи. ]
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